Carer Electric Forklifts

Carer Electric Forklifts

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to high capacity diesel forklifts? Carer electric forklifts protect the health of the operators that use them every day and are even safe to use inside shipping containers in port applications. To ensure safe operation and to ensure operators can effectively operate within the container without effecting productivity, Carer forklifts are equipped with cameras that reduce the risk of damaging goods.

Carer Electric Forklifts | F SeriesF-Series Carer Forklifts

Compact and designed for the narrow aisles of busy warehouses, these electric forklifts offer high capacity and reach needed to move products quickly and efficiently. A truly unique alternative to retractable forklifts, these forklifts feature a small turning radius and front-facing drive settings.

  • Compact Steel Frame
  • Pan/Tilt Operating System
  • High-Visibility and Front Face Drive Design
  • Two Electric AC Motors with Energy Recovery System

Carer Electric Forklifts | Z SeriesZ-Series Carer Forklifts

When you need high residual capacities at higher heights, the Z-series Carer forklift is the perfect multi-purpose compact forklift perfect for the special handling needs of logistics operations. With low operating costs and reliable operation, these forklifts are adaptable to most applications and heavy duty tasks.

  • Unmatched Speed and Maneuverability
  • Compact Frame and High Traction Design
  • Steering Radius Named Best in Their Category
  • Maximum Efficiency With Longer Operating Times

Carer Electric Forklifts | R SeriesR-Series Carer Forklifts

Designed to provide a balance between productivity and energy consumption, R-Series Carer forklifts feature the same low cost of operation with the power to handle goods in heavy duty applications. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these forklifts feature advanced multi-function displays and mini levers integrated into the arm rest. Combined with an anti-vibration support system and low vibration levels, this forklift series is designed to keep operators comfortable on long shifts.

  • Mini Levers Integrated Into Arm Rests
  • Advanced Multi-function Digital Display
  • Low-Noise Hydraulic Pumps and Motors
  • Anti-Vibration Supports on Closed Cabin Design
  • Easy Access Battery Compartment For Minimal Downtime

Carer Electric Forklifts | K SeriesK-Series Carer Forklifts

Designed for use inside shipping containers, the Carer K-Series forklifts allow for maximum operator productivity throughout an entire shift. Featuring a series of available options such as mini levers, enclosed cabins, anti-vibration supports and much more, Carer is able to reduce the stress on operators who are operating machines for long periods of time.

  • Low Seat Vibration Levels
  • Low Noise Hydraulic Pumps and Motors
  • Advance Multi-Function Digital Displays
  • Optional Enclosed Cab, Anti-Vibration Supports, and Mini Levers