Konecranes Lift Trucks

Konecranes Lift Trucks

Konecranes has been providing customers with innovative lift trucks since 1959, and is now the world’s leading provider of smart lifting solutions. Konecranes has come a long way since their first lift truck and now offers customers a wide range of models that can be customized for any application. By pairing technology, capacity, and safety, Konecranes lift trucks have become the ultimate customer solution with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Konecranes Lift TrucksForklift Trucks

Konecranes’ creative development team has been designing and customizing forklifts for customers for some 60 years, and has a long history of providing customers with machines equipped to handle the toughest applications. With lifting capacities ranging from 10-18 tons, 18-33 tons, and 37-65 tons, Konecranes lift trucks are manufactured for you using the latest technologies and attention to detail.

  • Strong, heavy-duty, box-type chassis that withstands the harshest industrial working conditions
  • Standard large-size cabin with upgrade options including X-large and XX- large
  • Certified low-emission engine
  • Range of safety options including the NearGuard warning system, a tire pressure monitoring system, and a fire alarm and suppression system

Konecranes Empty Container Handler

Empty Container Handlers

Available in an array of models to match every empty container handling requirement, Konecranes’ 8-10 ton empty container handlers sense the load and adapt the lifting power to the weight of the load. With 10 single and double stacking container handler models in the 8-10 ton category, rest assured you will find the container handler you need for your application.

  • Can lift 8 containers high thanks to the wide mast
  • Hoses and cables are kept to a minimum to reduce maintenance costs and maximize uptime
  • Features ErgoCab, which comes standard in large, with an X-large option
  • Equipped with an Intelligent Electronic Machine Control system which gives the driver real-time, relevant information on truck performance including full monitoring of the engine, transmission, hydraulics and lifting controls

Loaded Container Handlers

If you are looking for efficiency and precision, look no further than a Konecranes loaded container handler. Konecranes container handlers have a fast total operating speed and the ratio of lifting capacity to truck size and length is best-in-class. Combining stability and compact size, Konecranes offers 7 different loaded container handler models with capacities ranging from 26 to 46 tons.

  • Remarkable visibility to ensure safe and efficient work
  • Comes standard with a seat with compressor suspension, powerful cabin heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Features ErgoCab, which comes standard in large, with an X-large option

Konecranes Reach StackerKonecranes Reach Stackers

Konecranes listens to customers and when it comes to their line of Reach Stackers, customer feedback has been blended with application knowledge, producing the ideal machine for your application. Konecranes offers customers compact reach stacker options as well as industrial heavyweights, and have even manufactured the world’s first hybrid reach stacker.

  • Intermodal handling, 41 to 45 tons
  • Barge handling, 45 tons
  • Industrial handling, 35 to 80 tons
  • Large, ergonomic operator cab