Terex Port Solutions

Terex Port Solutions

Terex Reach Stackers

Terex has made a name for itself producing durable, easy to maintain reach stackers and container handlers that are easy to use and comfortable to operate. With a range of models and additional customization to meet the needs of any requirement, Terex continues to be a leader in materials handling for port applications.

Terex Empty Container Handler Empty Container Handlers

A staple in many container terminals, Terex empty container handlers are ergonomic and built with durable, easy to maintain components. With the ability to add features such as reversing sensors, camera systems and automatic driver identification, Terex container handlers are easy to use and high performing.

  • Maximum Load Capacity of 8 or 9 on Spreader
  • Feature Ergonomic Cab With Intuitive Control System
  • Maximum Lifting Speed of 0.55 m/s for faster stacking
  • Stacking Heights Between 1 Over 4 and 1 Over 6 Standard Empty Containers

Terex Loaded Container Handler Loaded Container Handlers

Loaded container handlers from Terex offer the perfect combination of state-of-the-art-design and maneuverability. With lifting capacities of up to 40 tons with spreaders, these container handlers have the ability to travel up to 25 kph with their load. Available with a variety of options such as safe load indicators and level control on the steering axle, Terex container handlers can be even easier to use.

  • Travel speeds up to 25 kph under load
  • Easy Operation and Ergonomic Design
  • Stacks 20′ to 40′ Containers 6 Standard Containers High
  • Lifting Speeds Up To0 0.2 m/s and Lowering Speeds Up To 0.25 m/s

Terex Reach StackerTerex Reach Stackers

Terex reach stackers are known for their excellent performance, reliability and innovative design. Regardless of whether you are moving empty or loaded containers, these reach stackers will get them safely to their destination. Capable of handling up to 45 tons under spreaders, Terex reach stackers work safely carrying heavy loads even at high working speeds.

  • Long Service Life and Cost-Effective Operation
  • Exceptional Maneuverability and Easy Handling
  • Stacks 20′ to 40′ Containers 6 Standard Containers High
  • High Cargo Handling Rates On Empty or Loaded Containers